Southern California - Second Half of Trip

Venice - Just Blocks from the Boardwalk with Dan and Marlene and Autumn

Dinner and site-seeing at Santa Monica (no photo)
Venice souvenir
Down on the boardwalk

Fox Studios - With TV Editor Golda

Into the vampire's lair
Waiting for Golda and the Stunt Coordinator
Golda edits a TV show

Buffy's boyfriend altered with Avid Cinema


Buffy backlot set

Indoor set

On to Hollywood to see Wheel of Fortune Taping at Sony Studios, and Hollywood Boulevard

Cue cards
Mann's Chinese Theater

Anne and Galen got a surprise

Irvine Adventures - Courtesy of Erma and Shep

Huntington Beach (no photos)
Some wild rides

Laguna Beach - Erma and Shep

Frisbee on the beach

Winding paths on the Laguna cliffs

The painter

John-Currie, Scott and Galen

The trio

Beach flowers

Picnic by Sherma

Mike and Anne

Chasing the sunset

Camp Sherma in Irvine

Packing the van

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