Central California - First Half of Trip

Woodland Hills, California - A taste of Hollywood with Mark and Bina

Bird of Paradise at Mark and Bina's
Mark & Mike
Bina's Artistry
Galen checking Nappy
Mark and Bina's Living Room
Mike and Nappy
Picture of a picture of Bina
Fresh lemons at Mark's house

More lemons

Quick game of golf

Santa Monica Pier - Millions of sea clams (no photos)

San Luis Obispo - Central California Paradise with Gary, Jane and Sarah

Scott and Galen launch a canoe in the Nichols' amazing back yard
Nikita loves having visitors

Sarah and Anne

Sarah flips

Prickly pears from hike up the mountain
Little Morro

Cow pie

Fallen Oak

Near the top

Cacti 1

Cacti 2

Los Osos - A Town with a View shared with Dave, Faye and Addie

Picnic at a beautiful bay
Picnic waves
Sand and cliffs
Dave and view of Morro Rock
Stop by the path
Another beautiful stop
John-Currie got too close to this
Day of site-seeing and lunch with Faye (no photo)
Addie teaches Anne how to brush
Savages on horseback
Cowboy Mike
Whoa, Nellie!

Roaming the range

Almost home

Better than Disneyland: dune jumping
Washing the dune off our feet

Avila Beach Pier - Last Stop Before Heading South

Wild seal
Pier down

Wild seals eat meals
Mike enjoys the scene

Room with a view - and great soup
Table with a view

Big mouth

Boys and birds

Whose fault is this?

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