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Camera Technical Discussion Forums - DPReview

Side by Side Camera Comparisons - DPReview

Field of View - Wide Angle and Telephoto Lenses - Kevin Willey

Telephoto Lenses - Compressing Distance and Altering Perspective - Kevin Willey

Bokeh (Background Blur) - Paul van Walree

Do Wide Angle Lenses Really Have Greater Depth of Field Than Telephotos? - Luminous-Landscape

Composition, Ron Bigelow

Northern Virginia Photo Clubs

Northern Virginia Alliance of Camera Clubs - Calendar of Events

Northern Virginia Photographic Society

Loudoun Photography Club

Manassas Warrenton Camera Club

McLean Photography Club

Reston Photographic Society

Vienna Photographic Society

Northern Virginia Photographers

Virginia Digital Photo Safaris

Tony Sweet

Sandi Croan

Greg Daily

Dan Jenkins

Oscar Guitierrez

Corey Hilz


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Canon Documentation Project - Canon manuals for download

Petteri's Pontifications - Very good personal site

Canon Europe - Canon Professional Site