Here are some links to my pictures past and present. I started with digital photography in 2000 with the one megapixel Olympus DL320. I then moved to the Nikon 990, Canon D60, 1D, and now the 1D Mark II.

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Badtz Maru photo archive


Best of 2004 . Featuring Osprey in Jeff's backyard, several events on the Bay, downtown DC, Devi's Bar Mitzvah, Utah, and the Grand Opening of National Museum of the American Indian.
Best of 2003 , including six weeks aboard the Madtz Maru on a voyage up the eastern coast of Canada, a week at the John C. Campbell Folk School, Anti-war rally in DC, plus a little personal time with Rummy! Mostly shot with D60 and 1D.
The best of 2002, including southern France, Texas, Utah, and around DC breaking in the Canon D60.
The best of 2001. Busy year, Hawaii, Japan, WVa, NY, LA, not necessarily in that order. Mostly shot with the Nikon 990 3.0 Megapixel camera.
A bunch of family type pictures from a fun trip with Scott and a couple of his friends, but the main reason they are still on this page is because I like the watercolor conversions that Anne did in Photoshop. All shot with the Olympus DL320. It was a great starter camera, and it was less than 1 megapixal (1024x768.)
This is old stuff, all from film. Many are technically bad photographs, badly processed, and badly scanned, but I like the images, and they are representitive of the types of pictures that I would like to continue to make. You might be better off just looking at the thumbnail images, they often look better than the larger ones.
Best of 2005, including St. George, Utah, National Zoo, W's Inauguration, Jacksonville, FL.
Best of 2008, mostly Military Through The Ages.
Best of 2006
Best of 2006, including Utah, SoCal, Rolling Thunder, Book Festival, and Kitty in a tissue box!
Best of 2011
Best of 2011, including Zekiah Stained Glass, Model Steam Engine Show, and...
Best of 2010
Best of 2010, including, wrestling in Waldorf, Snowmaggedon, political rallies downtown, and Utah in the Fall.
Best of 2009
Best of 2009, including, Obama Inauguration, JC's Band, Scott's BD, ISTE at LOC, Solomon's Island, and the Redskins.
Best of 2007
Best of 2007, including National Zoo, Smithsonian Kite Festival, Blue Angels, Rolling Thunder, Cheney at Arlington Cemetary.
Best of 2000
The best of 2000, including, SoCal, Holden Beach, Hummer reunion, Memorial Day downtown.
My all time favorites, shot in both digital and film.